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About us

Rhizome Energy Limited is an engineering company based in the UK. The team of engineers and consultants have many decades of experience in the Oil & Gas, Marine, and energy industries, with an expert level of knowledge in single point mooring systems.

Our associates at Rhizome Energy similarly come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines and are all highly experienced individuals.


The Rhizome engineering model is, therefore, to align a team of experts to execute an engineering task, with due regards to constraints of schedule and cost, given the pressures forced upon the industry as the market has changed in recent years.

Our company understands the transition in the energy industry and environmental efforts. Hence, we have all resources to meet the engineering demand within the Renewables, Hydrogen Production, and Carbon Capture Technology.

Quality Assurance

Rhizome Energy Limited is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Procedures and processes are available in the Quality Management System to meet the requirements of various clauses of ISO 9001:2015. Rhizome Energy is committed to quality assurance and carries out regular internal and external audits.


Meaning of Rhizome

Meaning of Rhizome
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